October 24th, 2014


So I am totally not on board with the idea that grey is super drab and boring. I really love wearing grey and, although you can’t see it too well on this picture, I love to team it with just one slightly more colourful item to give it life. (Not exactly groundbreaking, I know, but I’m only just starting to pay more attention to the way I use colour)

dress: h&m (waited until it was on sale and got it for about £5) I love this dress. It has a v back and so I’m only wearing it with a cover up at the moment because a) cold and b) I’m still trying to find a suitable bra

shirt: Select? No idea on the price of this as I’ve had this shirt for probably about 4 years?

tights: (you can’t see them too well but they’re burgundy and black) £3 from Primark. They’re really cute and I can tell I’m going to be wearing them a lot!


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