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Hey guys, Rory here!

I started uninterestingootd about a month ago, and it really is/was more for myself than anything else. I’ve always been very self-conscious and feel that I’ve cornered myself into dressing the same way day in, day out. I felt like I wanted to try more things out, wear more dresses, buy things I wouldn’t usually buy. But I also wanted to remind myself that sometimes it is totally fine for me just wear a t-shirt and jeans and that unremarkable doesn’t necessarily mean boring. I can still look and feel cute even if my outfit isn’t anything special. And that’s how uninterestingootd was born. Sometimes I’ll post a picture of a cute dress and sometimes I’ll post pictures of me in jeans feeling lazy. But if I post, it’s because I felt happy and comfortable in that outfit at that moment, so please be respectful in any comments you may make. This blog is as much about my self-confidence as it is the clothes I’m wearing!

I’m still keeping the tumblr open and posting on there a little bit, and I’ll probably keep the askbox open if anybody does want to speak to me about anything at all.

As well as ootd posts I may also post questions or polls, ask you guys for advice or sometimes just do a blog post or two.

Thanks for reading, and all posts up to the beginning of November can be found here 🙂


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