November 7th, 2014


New jeans! New jeans! This is so exciting. If you’ve read my old posts you’ll know that I hate my current jeans. The jeans themselves are fine but they don’t fit me right and they were a very poor purchase and I have no excuse because I tried them on and everything, knew they were wrong but bought them because I wanted to give up on my search. Anyway, because I hate those jeans, I’m buying a lot of new trousers at the moment as replacements. I already posted about my new Gap cords, which are amazing; and unfortunately I posted the eBay link for the Yours jeans I love but are absolutely not the size they claim to be. As the Yours jeans didn’t work out, I was on the hunt for something new (and preferably in a sale somewhere.) Well, I found them!


They’re from ASOS, they were in the sale (still a little more than I wanted to spend at £16 but I really can’t complain) and I love them! I never would’ve bought this colour before, but after my artRAVE outfit, which featured dungarees of a similar colour, I felt confident enough to go for it and I’m really glad I did. They’re high-waisted, which is another thing I felt unsure about but I decided to just go for it anyway. They’re so cute, surprisingly comfortable, and I’m just so happy with them!


I decided to keep everything else pretty dark for their first outing into the world (apart from, obviously, the gold Docs) so I teamed them with the trusty Select shirt from so many years ago I’ve lost count and my Lady Gaga shirt. Also worn with the chunky Gap cardigan I’ve posted about before, because it’s cold out there but I’m still refusing to get my coat out just yet!


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