26th November, 2014 – update


Hey there guys!

So sorry I’ve been awful at posting lately. I started a new job and I’ve had a lot of deadlines lately so not only have I been super busy but I’ve also not worn a single remotely interesting outfit. I’m trying to get back on track though!

I bought this coat last week from ASOS and I really love it. It’s cute and it’s warm and it’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I still sorta wish I’d bought the mustard one, but I know that this colour is much better for me so I should stop whining.

Next up on my list is to buy more sweatshirts or cardigans or just layers, really. I own a lot of tshirts but as it gets colder I really need to get thicker clothing. I’m mostly eBay searching for these because, y’know, I’m poor. I’ll be sure to post if I find anything I really like.

And along similar lines, I’m looking to get involved in some clothes swaps maybe? I have a lot of stuff that I don’t wear anymore and a lot of it is lovely and in great condition, so I’d love to give it away to someone who will actually get wear out of it. I’ve been doing some online searching for swaps but I was wondering if any of you guys know of any regular ones? I’m in London, South West and obviously, the closer to home the better but I can travel around most of the city. I was considering maybe trying to set one up at my Uni so if anyone has any experience or advice in running a swap, that would also be much appreciated!

I’ll hopefully be posting here a little more regularly in the upcoming weeks, so until next time!


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