December 7th, 2014 – a bunch of new things!


I say “a bunch” but it’s really only two. Three, if you include the Roxy sweater I just posted about.

After I finished work yesterday I decided to look around some shops for a little while and grab something to eat, rather than coming straight home. I should know this is a bad idea because I will always, without fail, spend money. But I found this really cute sweater on sale in H&M, and I also bought a green tshirt. I’ve been saying for a while that I don’t really have enough tops, although what I really mean is that I don’t have enough shirts without print on them (I have a lot of band shirts but I don’t always want to wear band shirts?)

The sweater is super cute and I’m in love with it. However, it’s so super big and long but not quite long enough that I could actually wear it as a dress. I almost wish I’d gotten the bigger size so that I could, but I’m happy with it as a sweater.

2014-12-07 2014-12-07-1

These pictures are kinda dark so you can’t see the colours amazingly, so I also have a kinda crappy webcam picture. As you can see in the picture, it’s almost long enough to wear as a dress (the first picture I’m wearing it with just tights) but if I want to move at all I need something under it…

Snapshot_20141208My other purchase was this green tee which is not super interesting really, it’s just a tshirt but I’m mentioning it really because I would never have even thought of buying something green a few months ago and I think the fact that I picked up this colour rather than black or grey says a lot about my journey with clothes…


That’s all for now (and I’d love to say all I’m buying for now but maybe not…)


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