My body image issues and me


Hey everyone! I wrote this, about body image and trying to apply body positivity to myself while also attempting to find a place for myself in the world of ootd bloggers. If you’d like to read it, that would be great. Please keep in mind that this is a very personal post so, as always, kindness is appreciated!

useless mermaid

CN – talk of internalised fatphobia, body and self-confidence issues as well as other generalised anxiety issues.

I want to start by saying that this is entirely based on my own personal experiences, and any and all negativity here is based purely on my own body and my own image. It is so important to me to ensure that I am not speaking negatively about anyone else’s body or self-expression. If any part of this comes across otherwise, I want to know and I want to fix this.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve struggled with my body image, one way or another, for most of my life. I spent most of my teenage years acutely aware that I was bigger than most of my friends and feeling, regardless of whether or not it was actually true, that I was on some level being judged for…

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