January 23rd: lots of new things! (Again!)


Once more, it’s been far too long. I’m getting really bad at this, I apologise. New goal is to post at least one outfit a week, or maybe try to post an end-of-week round-up. I literally have a seven-day week between Uni and work right now, and that’s without taking a social life (and TV…) into consideration. So I am always busy but, hey, I’m always dressed so I have no excuse.

As the blog title suggests, I have more new clothes to show off! Don’t remind me of the times I said I was stopping, please. In all honesty, I only paid full price for one of the items I’m about to share so I’m letting myself believe that’s okay!

First on the agenda is this cute leopard print skirt I got from Forever 21 in their January sale. I love this skirt. It is so comfortable and so cute and just the perfect level of tacky-fab, which is my absolute favourite way to dress at the moment.


I move on, then, to this velvet dress that arrived today. It’s a New Look dress that I grabbed on eBay and it is super cute but also, importantly, soooo comfortable and warm and it makes me happy. I feel like I can really dress this up or down depending on what I choose to do with it and I’m pretty much in love with it already.


Next up is this amazing dress from BoohooPlus. I saw a post about this dress from art-i-ficial and I’m obviously not rocking it as well as she does, but this dress is such a winner and comes recommended for sure. (Bonus picture for this one so you can see how cute the neck actually is!) I can’t wait to play around a little with my accessories on this one and see the directions I can take it in. Shoutout to that spot on my lens that managed to make it look like I have a huge white stain in the middle of the dress… sigh.

IMG_0497 IMG_0506

And last but most definitely not least, a three-in-one extravaganza of new items. For Christmas, my sister gave me a Topshop gift card and I managed to grab this jacket and the skirt, both of which I love! The skirt still feels like a length I’m not used to, so I’m working with it, but I’ve been wearing the jacket non-stop, and I’m looking to get a few patches for it so I’ll probably be wearing it even more when that happens. Also pictured is a top from Forever 21 that is a little shorter than I’d like it to be but is still really cute as hell and surprisingly comfortable.

IMG_0501 IMG_0502

And that’s all for now! Like I said, posting more here is definitely on the agenda and once I’ve settled into my new routines it’ll be happening for sure!


December 11th, 2014 – another new purchase.

Blog, ootd

I made a couple of new purchases today, actually. (Remember when I said I was stopping? Ha!) But, as one of those purchase was just a pair of ordinary jeans – my beloved blue jeans are finally ripped to the point I can no longer wear them and I’m heartbroken – and another was a pair of leggings, I didn’t think they were really worth writing about. I know I wrote about a plain green t-shirt the other day but apparently I’ve changed the rules.

Anyway, today I bought these leopard print faux fur boot cuffs and I am in love. I saw them the other day but thought it was probably a bit silly to buy them, but when I had to venture into H&M again today I couldn’t resist. They are so cute and they team so perfectly with my Docs!



I decided to wear them out today after I bought them. Just onto campus but I thought it was far enough to test out how comfortable I feel wearing them in public and also how warm they are. Successful on both fronts! They are super cosy and warm and also I love the way they look so didn’t feel self conscious at all.

I am in love and I am tacky fabulous.

December 7th, 2014 – a bunch of new things!


I say “a bunch” but it’s really only two. Three, if you include the Roxy sweater I just posted about.

After I finished work yesterday I decided to look around some shops for a little while and grab something to eat, rather than coming straight home. I should know this is a bad idea because I will always, without fail, spend money. But I found this really cute sweater on sale in H&M, and I also bought a green tshirt. I’ve been saying for a while that I don’t really have enough tops, although what I really mean is that I don’t have enough shirts without print on them (I have a lot of band shirts but I don’t always want to wear band shirts?)

The sweater is super cute and I’m in love with it. However, it’s so super big and long but not quite long enough that I could actually wear it as a dress. I almost wish I’d gotten the bigger size so that I could, but I’m happy with it as a sweater.

2014-12-07 2014-12-07-1

These pictures are kinda dark so you can’t see the colours amazingly, so I also have a kinda crappy webcam picture. As you can see in the picture, it’s almost long enough to wear as a dress (the first picture I’m wearing it with just tights) but if I want to move at all I need something under it…

Snapshot_20141208My other purchase was this green tee which is not super interesting really, it’s just a tshirt but I’m mentioning it really because I would never have even thought of buying something green a few months ago and I think the fact that I picked up this colour rather than black or grey says a lot about my journey with clothes…


That’s all for now (and I’d love to say all I’m buying for now but maybe not…)

December 7th, 2014


An actual OOTD post, at last! So many deadlines and so much work and then, in the past week, so much coughing and sneezing. I’ve had one of those flus that makes you so melodramatic, you convince yourself you’re dying. (Just me??) So Sunday, when I felt a tiny bit better, I thought I’d actually dress like a human being.


I love this shirt. I bought it about two years ago, lost it for a year, and was overjoyed to be reunited with it at the beginning of summer. (I know my hair is covering a little bit of it – it says “my Marxist Feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard”) And despite the now-obvious white mark on it – oops! – it felt good to be wearing a tshirt that actually fits nicely and that I love. Teamed with my black, years-old, woollen Primark skirt and the burgundy and black woolly tights I bought in October, I felt more like myself the moment I was dressed.

Obviously, it’s a little cold to be going out in just a tshirt so I added my new Roxy sweater to the mix.


I’ve wanted this sweater for such a long time, but I’m so glad I waited because I ended up getting it in Roxy’s Black Friday sale for something like 70% off the original RRP. It’s still on sale (although not the Black Friday price) here.

26th November, 2014 – update


Hey there guys!

So sorry I’ve been awful at posting lately. I started a new job and I’ve had a lot of deadlines lately so not only have I been super busy but I’ve also not worn a single remotely interesting outfit. I’m trying to get back on track though!

I bought this coat last week from ASOS and I really love it. It’s cute and it’s warm and it’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I still sorta wish I’d bought the mustard one, but I know that this colour is much better for me so I should stop whining.

Next up on my list is to buy more sweatshirts or cardigans or just layers, really. I own a lot of tshirts but as it gets colder I really need to get thicker clothing. I’m mostly eBay searching for these because, y’know, I’m poor. I’ll be sure to post if I find anything I really like.

And along similar lines, I’m looking to get involved in some clothes swaps maybe? I have a lot of stuff that I don’t wear anymore and a lot of it is lovely and in great condition, so I’d love to give it away to someone who will actually get wear out of it. I’ve been doing some online searching for swaps but I was wondering if any of you guys know of any regular ones? I’m in London, South West and obviously, the closer to home the better but I can travel around most of the city. I was considering maybe trying to set one up at my Uni so if anyone has any experience or advice in running a swap, that would also be much appreciated!

I’ll hopefully be posting here a little more regularly in the upcoming weeks, so until next time!

November 7th, 2014


New jeans! New jeans! This is so exciting. If you’ve read my old posts you’ll know that I hate my current jeans. The jeans themselves are fine but they don’t fit me right and they were a very poor purchase and I have no excuse because I tried them on and everything, knew they were wrong but bought them because I wanted to give up on my search. Anyway, because I hate those jeans, I’m buying a lot of new trousers at the moment as replacements. I already posted about my new Gap cords, which are amazing; and unfortunately I posted the eBay link for the Yours jeans I love but are absolutely not the size they claim to be. As the Yours jeans didn’t work out, I was on the hunt for something new (and preferably in a sale somewhere.) Well, I found them!


They’re from ASOS, they were in the sale (still a little more than I wanted to spend at £16 but I really can’t complain) and I love them! I never would’ve bought this colour before, but after my artRAVE outfit, which featured dungarees of a similar colour, I felt confident enough to go for it and I’m really glad I did. They’re high-waisted, which is another thing I felt unsure about but I decided to just go for it anyway. They’re so cute, surprisingly comfortable, and I’m just so happy with them!


I decided to keep everything else pretty dark for their first outing into the world (apart from, obviously, the gold Docs) so I teamed them with the trusty Select shirt from so many years ago I’ve lost count and my Lady Gaga shirt. Also worn with the chunky Gap cardigan I’ve posted about before, because it’s cold out there but I’m still refusing to get my coat out just yet!

November 6th, 2014


Today’s outfit, much like the last two I posted, is really, really boring. I’ve done nothing today but sit at home and eat biscuits, so I didn’t need to be wearing anything special for that. However, I do love the shirt I have on today and I do feel kinda cute so I’m posting it anyway.



(I get really bored of these poses I do so I went a little bit superhero today)

Today’s outfit is my ripped jeans from Primark, which I’ve had for years, a Topshop hoodie I got for Christmas a few years ago, and my Allison Weiss shirt! It’s a great lazy day outfit but also a pretty good gig outfit/I want to feel like I could kick someone’s ass but I don’t want to put any effort into my look outfit.