March 10th, 2017


busy day today (despite feeling awful) so some fairly terrible pictures.

This morning I headed off to a professional workshop at what is basically the number one company in the world for the field I’d like to work in. It was a fairly casual event but I still thought it was important to make an effort, so I went for my H&M printed trousers and this cute sweater from ASOS. you can’t see but it has tattoo-style motifs on the elbow patches. The sweater is a little short so I have a grey vest poking out from under.

Then in the evening (after lying in bed dying for part of the afternoon), I went to a talk at the Southbank Women of the World festival. I went to see Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel talk about their new book. Wanted mostly to feel cute so I gave the striped New Look shirt its second outing, teamed with black ripped jeans with fishnets underneath.

Both outfits (horribly) pictured with DMs and my Brave Soul coat.


December 11th, 2014 – another new purchase.

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I made a couple of new purchases today, actually. (Remember when I said I was stopping? Ha!) But, as one of those purchase was just a pair of ordinary jeans – my beloved blue jeans are finally ripped to the point I can no longer wear them and I’m heartbroken – and another was a pair of leggings, I didn’t think they were really worth writing about. I know I wrote about a plain green t-shirt the other day but apparently I’ve changed the rules.

Anyway, today I bought these leopard print faux fur boot cuffs and I am in love. I saw them the other day but thought it was probably a bit silly to buy them, but when I had to venture into H&M again today I couldn’t resist. They are so cute and they team so perfectly with my Docs!



I decided to wear them out today after I bought them. Just onto campus but I thought it was far enough to test out how comfortable I feel wearing them in public and also how warm they are. Successful on both fronts! They are super cosy and warm and also I love the way they look so didn’t feel self conscious at all.

I am in love and I am tacky fabulous.

November 7th, 2014


New jeans! New jeans! This is so exciting. If you’ve read my old posts you’ll know that I hate my current jeans. The jeans themselves are fine but they don’t fit me right and they were a very poor purchase and I have no excuse because I tried them on and everything, knew they were wrong but bought them because I wanted to give up on my search. Anyway, because I hate those jeans, I’m buying a lot of new trousers at the moment as replacements. I already posted about my new Gap cords, which are amazing; and unfortunately I posted the eBay link for the Yours jeans I love but are absolutely not the size they claim to be. As the Yours jeans didn’t work out, I was on the hunt for something new (and preferably in a sale somewhere.) Well, I found them!


They’re from ASOS, they were in the sale (still a little more than I wanted to spend at £16 but I really can’t complain) and I love them! I never would’ve bought this colour before, but after my artRAVE outfit, which featured dungarees of a similar colour, I felt confident enough to go for it and I’m really glad I did. They’re high-waisted, which is another thing I felt unsure about but I decided to just go for it anyway. They’re so cute, surprisingly comfortable, and I’m just so happy with them!


I decided to keep everything else pretty dark for their first outing into the world (apart from, obviously, the gold Docs) so I teamed them with the trusty Select shirt from so many years ago I’ve lost count and my Lady Gaga shirt. Also worn with the chunky Gap cardigan I’ve posted about before, because it’s cold out there but I’m still refusing to get my coat out just yet!

October 25th, 2014


I basically just wanted to be very colourful and fun for artRAVE and dress in a way that I wouldn’t usually, but I’m a very self-conscious human and so I wanted to dress in a way that wasn’t too outrageous. I thought this was good enough.

and hey, because I’m a poor student… this whole outfit was crazy cheap!

dungarees – primark, £3
cropped v-neck – primark, £6
tights from primark, you can’t really see the socks but they’re rainbow Snoopy socks(!!!) and they were from poundland. The docs I’ve posted about before.

cheap, brightly coloured, FUN artRAVE. nothing too eccentric but a lot of colours (and also incredibly comfortable). I also did a lot of blue/turquoise and glitter in my make-up, adding to the whole sense of… not what I’d usually wear but not too out there.