March 18th, 2017 (shoe of the day!)


A few months ago, I finally decided that Converse and I were no longer meant for each other. My personal experience is that they’re not longer the super sturdy shoe they used to be (I wore my first ever pair pretty much day-in-day-out for about 2 years before they gave up on me) and that I need much hardier shoes. Or at the very least, shoes that are not so hardy but cost less. Seemed like a great time to follow the trend and look for a pair of white, 90s-esque trainers, preferably on sale. And I did! After revisiting the shop and the website a few times each, I finally decided to buy the Reebok Club C85 Iridescent. (I obviously needed something shiny.) They’re no longer available from Schuh, where I got them for £35, but they’re still available at full price from Offspring.

I had honestly forgotten how comfortable good trainers can be. I wear my Docs almost every day, and as much I love them, it cannot compare to how light and happy my feet feel in these trainers. Holy hell. Anyway, I’m rambling but tl;dr – I’m obsessed.

Please excuse my dirty mirror/background mess.

See you soon!