January 2016


So… it’s been a while, huh? (She asks to the void.) Okay, yes, I lost touch with this blog. I won’t make excuses or tell you life got in the way. I started procrastinating in other ways, I suppose, and suddenly taking posting pictures of my outfits and talking about them to nobody in particular became a lot less interesting to me. But now, I see the error of my ways. I suppose largely because I now wear a uniform at least 5 days out of 7 and miss having the freedom to wear, let alone talk about, my own clothes. So, I’ve scrolled through my phone and found a selection of some of my favourite ootd pictures. I’ll present them without context, because it’s going to be long enough as it is. But here goes: the last two-ish years of my life in poor mirror selfies and pictures that are, ideally, supposed to showcase ONE particular item.


A few of my overall favourite items here are the white rose shirt in the top right hand corner (from H&M, of course), the geo print trousers on the second row (from… H&M) and the black and white check trousers (not from H&M! From Primark!!)

I’m going to try and get back at this for real, I truly am. So, see you soon… hopefully.


October 28th, November 4th


Okay… some outfits are just too boring to be given their own posts. Here are two of those. I’m documenting them as part of my reminder to myself that it’s okay to be boring sometimes, as long as I don’t make too much of a habit of it!


Here’s the first. October 28th. This cardigan is actually forest green but has decided not to appear that way. These are the jeans I’ve mentioned before, the ones I hate (they’re from New Look and there’s nothing wrong with the jeans themselves I just don’t like the way they fit me). I’m still searching for a suitable alternative so that I can either customise these in some way or give them away. Jurassic Park shirt was £3 from Primark and I love it even though it does have to stretch across my boobs a little more than either of us would like.


2nd is from November 4th (and, I admit, November 5th too). I’ve been looking for some cords for a really long time but I could never really find them anywhere. This picture isn’t great because it looks like they don’t fit me on the crotch but they actually do… oops. Anyway, I’ve been looking for cords for a while and I walked in a sale in Gap the other day and found these. Turns out they were even cheaper than I expected too, with the tag reading £19.99 but them actually coming in at £11.99. Score. Shirt is from H&M basics and was about £5 I think. The absolute simplest, blandest outfit of all time but really comfortable and I felt really cute. Especially when it was all teamed with my gold docs and my go-to scarf.

October 31st, 2014


halloween!! happiest of all hallows eves to you all! halloween is my absolute favourite holiday but sadly I had to be at work today. my dress code at work is simply black + white so I knew I could work with it.

t-shirt: primark
jeans: bought from eBay about 3 years ago (this was the first time I ever wore them out in public!)
shoes: h&m
cardigan: gap (a christmas present in 2011 and still one of my favourite items)

go forth and spook!

October 24th, 2014


So I am totally not on board with the idea that grey is super drab and boring. I really love wearing grey and, although you can’t see it too well on this picture, I love to team it with just one slightly more colourful item to give it life. (Not exactly groundbreaking, I know, but I’m only just starting to pay more attention to the way I use colour)

dress: h&m (waited until it was on sale and got it for about £5) I love this dress. It has a v back and so I’m only wearing it with a cover up at the moment because a) cold and b) I’m still trying to find a suitable bra

shirt: Select? No idea on the price of this as I’ve had this shirt for probably about 4 years?

tights: (you can’t see them too well but they’re burgundy and black) £3 from Primark. They’re really cute and I can tell I’m going to be wearing them a lot!